#11 : SIP 9971 phone unable to complete PSTN calls

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Collaboration

I’m testing with a SIP9971 phone. In order to make PSTN calls we have to disable video on the device configuration page.

When video is enabled, calls to landline work but no ringback. Local cell calls I get a busy signal. Long distance cell calls we get number cannot be completed as dialed from CM.

All other models work fine. I’m thinking it fails because of what is sent in the Setup message or type being sent.
Gateways are H323 with PRIs.

Possible Causes & Solutions:

Go to the voice ports in the H323 GW and type the following command:

bearer-cap speech

Otherwise you’ll send the SETUP with video capabilities  to PSTN and the call will fail.


**# If you have more info/query on this, let others know of it. #knowledge- more you give, more you gain. 🙂

  1. asarmiento85 says:

    Check this out, it was hard to find a solution but I was able to come around with the same command you applied to your voice port.
    Thank you!


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